Katherine Murray-Satchell,  writer/producer

A Philadelphia native and arts enthusiast, I became interested in filmmaking during high school and haven’t turned back since. I briefly attended the University of Miami and University of North Carolina School of the Arts, finishing with a BFA in Filmmaking. During my graduation from UNCSA, the thought did cross my mind that I should have gone to law school. 

Bizarro-world Lawyer Kat (let’s call her “Kate”) is laughing somewhere eating lobster and drinking fine wines while I’m here sipping water, contemplating the health merits of eating another grilled cheese sandwich. Kate is probably not too happy with her choices, though… fantasizing about the artistic life she could have led while relaxing at her beach house. I’m sure that’s what’s going on. 

Since moving to Los Angeles, I played the full time card - working in reality TV, freelancing, and a few pit stops in between. All the while, I try to stay creative, immersing myself in narrative and visually challenging projects just to maintain my sanity.

I have many skills to offer, but out of all of them, creating original content is my main focus. I want to develop stories that will make you laugh, maybe even cry, but definitely think without being annoyingly obvious. With a lot of cinematography years under my belt, I’m venturing into new territory by writing and producing my own stories. This website is a place for you, visitor, to be a part of the ride.

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